diamond cutter blade
 tuck point and chaser
 flex pad, planer blade

 grinding cup wheel

 & grinding block

 segment and wire saw beads

 diamond edge-profiling cutter

 & core bits

 rasin bond synthetic

 diamond grinding wheel

 tungsten carbide tipped

 saw blade

Great Glory is a professional Manufacturer of nonferrous cutting tools with 15 years' experience, specially in producing high quality Diamond Cutter Blade and Tungsten Garbide Tipped Saw Blade.
A specific crew of our Company is dedicated to research and to input action new solutions. Experience and creative technicians always work with customers and anticipate their needs, with continuous up-grading our products. 


Our factories' technicians are able to special blades for cutting difficult aggregates.  


We have established Five Factories in China to specialize in different type of our products:

  1. Diamond Cutter and Grinding Wheel

  2. Diamond Edge-Profiling Cutter

  3. Diamond Core bit

  4. Flex Pad

  5. TCT Saw Blade

  6. Synthetic Diamond Grinding Wheel

  7. Planar Blade